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My Allotment and stuff

New Allotment 14/10/13 to 12/03/2014 —

My Allotment before I started work on it.


Area of approximately 15m by 9.5m has been left to nature for at least 3 years.  As you can see it was overgrown with weeds of all sorts.

Day 2



After cutting down all the weeds with a strimmer I had around 14 backs full of waste.


Digging over



After measuring out two 4x4m areas I started digging it over.It took me few weeks on and off to get to this stage.

Most of my time was spent sifting though each spadeful of dirt to remove the weeds.  Creeping Buttercup was/is the main problem.

Leveling off


Early 2014 I finished digging over the two squares and then started to level off the ground.  My plan is to create 4 tiers.


After leveling I have now started to build up a supporting wall for the second tier out of whatever wood I can find.

It looks a bit random at the moment but hopefully it will work out in the end.